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5428 West Hutchinson Street
Chicago, IL, 60641
United States


Eco-friendly, budget-conscious & uniquely produced urban artwork and photography by artist Chicago based artist Nick Haas.


Common Q&A's about my artwork, photography and delivery services


How much does the artwork usually cost?
Prices for the pieces range from $700 for the smaller pieces up to $3000 for the larger pieces. I price my work by size/quantity/material printed on. It is hard for me to have hard costs as each project I do is usually pretty custom in all of those areas.

How is the artwork produced?
I produce our art using eco friendly archival inks printed directly to the surface on several different materials: sintra, birch plywood, brushed aluminum and paper. All pieces with the exception of paper, are pre-drilled and ready to hang upon delivery. All pieces with the exception of paper have a very seamless flush to the wall look to them achieved through the adhesion of a floating box frame or pinch cleat added to the back. 

Is the art limited edition?
Yes. Every piece is numbered within its limited edition series as ” # of 50″ and signed by Nick Haas.

Can I re-size pieces to be larger or smaller?
While every artwork piece has an established size, it’s possible to customize pieces into smaller sizes. Art pieces can only be re-sized within the original aspect ratio, meaning that the height-width ratio of the original size must stay the same. Pieces cannot be made larger, as doing so would lower the image quality.

How long does it take to make an artwork piece?
An art piece may take up to 3 weeks to produce and deliver.

Do you create custom artwork?
Yes. I do all of the time. Some clients love my style but want a one of a kind piece for themselves or a creative agency may want me to create a book cover, album art, ad, etc. I will work closely with you on your custom project.

Do you work with creative agencies?
Yes. I will work with agencies in a array of capacities in order to create custom artwork and photography for their client needs. I have created artwork for book covers, albums, animations, websites and promotional materials.


How much do the photos usually cost?
Ink Jet print pricing is between $45.00 – $100.00. Depends on final size. 

How long does it take to produce a photo?
A photo may take up to 1 week to produce and deliver.

Are the photos limited edition?
Yes. Every piece is numbered within its limited edition series as ” # of 250″ and signed by Nick Haas.

Are the photos framed/matted?
Neither. All come unframed and un-matted.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Canon Rebel TSi shooting in camera RAW.

Will you conduct photo shoots per request?
Yes. If I am creating custom work, I often conduct a photo shoot if it is in budget and the need of the client.


Do you deliver?
I have an SUV and if the artwork fits in the SUV, you are local then I deliver and its FREE of charge. If the artwork is larger and requires a truck and/or you are out of Chicago I have arrangements with our printers for items to be safely shipped and delivered. There is an extra cost for this determined by order size and distance.

Do you install?
Yes. A professional installer, experienced with hanging OUR art pieces, will come to your home, office or other space to securely hang your art exactly how you want it. Installation costs are determined based on the size of the pieces to be installed, the difficulty of the installation and travel distance for our installer. I do not install wall murals or other highly technical applications like that. I know people who do and we can put you in contact with them.

Will you work with me to determine what is best for my collection/space?
Yes. Haastyle has over 50 pieces of art available for purchase. However so many options can make it difficult for clients to choose the pieces that will look best in their home or business space. To help with these decisions, I offer a personal consultation at no charge. I will visit your home, office or other commercial area to get a first-hand look at the space you’re looking to put the artwork. I can then suggest sizes, colors, materials and art pieces that fit your space.